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Experienced Breeder

Our founder has been a licensed, private breeder for more than 18 years. Our mission is to provide happy, healthy, quality, companions for you to love for life. Our founder devoted her life, studies, and time to animals, especially dogs and puppies. She was born with an infinite love and understanding of animals. She sharpened her knowledge and talents through experience, education, and work as an S.P.C.A Animal Caretaker, Zoo Volunteer, Vet Technician, owner of pet supply boutique, and Director of a No-Kill Dog Rescue. 


Quality, Happy, Healthy, Puppies

Our dogs are part of the family. Healthy puppies come from quality, health tested, happy parents. We only select and breed the best Sires and Dams that exhibit the genetic quality and  traits we strive to produce. Our dogs and puppies are raised in a healthy, humane, loving environment. Our puppies are well socialized and raised indoors and under foot of the family. The puppies love being cuddled and are familiar with the everyday household sounds, sights, and smells.


Personal Puppy Shopper Services

Don't see the puppy you want? Are you seeking a specific color, look, size, or characteristic for your new puppy? Take advantage of our Personal Puppy Shopper Service.  We will assist you on your quest for the perfect puppy. We are the Original Personal Puppy Shopper. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Our service is hand tailored to your  specific, individual needs and can’t be matched by others. Check out the Personal Puppy Shopper page for more information. 

The Dog

God summoned a beast from the field and He said, "Behold man, created in my image. Therefore adore him. You shall protect him in the wilderness, shepard his flocks, watch over his children, accompany him whenever he may go - even unto civilization. You shall be his alley, his slave and his companion.

"To do these things," God said, "I endow you with these instincts uncommon to other Beasts: faithfulness, devotion and understanding surpassing those of man himself. Lest it impair your loyalty, you shall be blind to the faults of man. Lest it impair your understanding, you are denied the power of words. Let no fault of language cleave an accord beyond that of man with any other beast even man with man. Speak to your master only with your mind and through honest eyes.

"Walk by his side, sleep in his doorway, forage for him, ward off his enemies, carry his burdens, share his afflictions, love him and comfort him. And in return for this, man will fulfill your needs and wants, which shall be only food, shelter and affection.

"So be silent, and be a friend to man. Guide him through the perils along the way to the land that I have promised him. This shall be your destiny and your immortality."

"So spake the Lord. And the dog heard and was content.

Author unknown


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