Special Delivery

How We Ship Your New Puppy

Thank you for your interest in my puppy. We understand that shipping a puppy is usually a new experience for new puppy owners. So here is some information to help ease any concerns you may have. If you decide to purchase a puppy, We will need your contact information including address, phone number and the name of your nearest major airport where you want your puppy to ship into.

Puppies are shipped in their own personal airline crate. Your puppy will have been fed prior to arriving at the airport. He will have his food, airline ticket, health certificate, along with both of our contact information attached to his crate. Your puppy will be flown in a climate controlled area of the airplane. 

Shipping is usually an additional $350 for one puppy. Large puppies and Pet Only airlines can be more. Puppies can be shipped at 8 weeks old. I can ship usually ship out within 48 hours. This may change depending on vet exam and flight schedules. The shipping charges include:

1. Health certificate

2. Shipping crate

3. Airline ticket

The Puppy will be examined by my Vet prior to shipping to receive a health certificate that’s required by the airlines. 

We will schedule the puppy’s flight for a day and time that is convenient for you to pick the puppy up from the airport. 

Before your puppy is shipped, you will receive your flight confirmation and airway bill along with the contact information and exact location of where you will pick your puppy up. 

You will be allowed to pick your puppy up usually 30 minutes after your puppy flight arrives. Please have your ID with you as you will need that to retrieve your puppy. Once you and the puppy are settled please contact me and let me know you have your puppy safely at home.

Pet Only Airlines

Shipping on Pet Only Airlines is also available. These airlines ship only pets. The pets are secured inside the cabin of the airplane with attendants on hand to look after them. Contact us for more information and pricing quotes.

Hand Delivery

We can deliver your puppy to your door or meet you in route for a fee. Contact us for more information and price quotes.

Ground Shipping

We can secure ground shipping for your new puppy with approved pet ground delivery companies. Contact us for more information and price quotes.

All balances must be paid in full before shipping or hand delivery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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