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Tiny Toy, Teacup, Micro Puppies

Smaller Than Your Average Dog

I had to devote a special page just for these special phenomenal Micro puppies. Let's start:

Micro is a word that comes from the Greekμικρός(mikrós), meaning "small". It can be used to indicate a smaller than average scale. “very small incomparison with others of its kind”.

I use puppy weights, weight charts, and previous puppies adult sizes to estimate the puppies adult sizes. Growth charts are useful but not always accurate. I weigh the puppies weekly from birth. 

Although these techniques are good at estimating adult weights, I cannot guarantee the puppy will stay that size. A puppies weight can fluctuate with diet and if overfeeding. The words "micro" and "teacup" are not used for a puppy estimated to be 6+ pounds. Teacups or Micro puppies are not what you need if you are seeking a puppy for breeding, kids pets, or a show dog.

If a puppy is estimated to be between 4-5.5 pounds, I use "Toy", as this is the most commonly known small size term used by the general public.

 If the puppy is estimated to be 1-3.9 pounds, I use "Micro","Teacup", “Tiny Toy”, to let clients know that this puppy will be VERY small, smaller than the average breed standard and in need of much more dedication. and attention.

My Micro puppies are small by genetics, not by undernourishment, prematurity, or sickness. They are bred by me and raised in my home with around the clock care and devotion that these micro puppies require for the first several months of their precious life. Occasionally I will have a Teacup or Micro puppy available from a select breeder associate here in the U.S.

 A lot of the Micro puppies you see advertised on the internet are imported overseas from China, Korea, and Hong Kong. There are many horror stories on the internet about how these puppies get their size from being underfed, genetically inferior and inbred parents. You should make sure you do your research and ask the breeder plenty of questions about the history of your puppy. It should never be an issue or a problem for you to be able to see the parents of the puppies. You will not have to worry about this ever being the case here at Heaven Sent Puppies.

I have carefully and selectively bred my dogs for many years to naturally achieve a couple of Teacup and Micro size puppies in their litter. The Dams to the puppies are 4 to 6 pounds, and my Sires are from 2 to 6 pounds. The parents have consistently thrown Tiny Toy, Teacup, and Micro sizes in their litters, which is where I get my "Tiny Toy”, “Micro" and "Teacup" sizes . My Dams are free whelpers and have never had to experience c-sections. I am always right there to assist them with giving birth and bringing these precious little puppies into this world. 

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